The latest developments of the project

October 1st was an important day in the history of VOSTARS. In Bologna an intervention took place in which the advanced versions of the RA helmet were tested, in which the new optics designed by partner OPTIVENT and the final structure of the helmet designed by partner PILOTFISH were seen at work. The operation was attended by Ulrich Thomale, surgeon at the Charité Clinic in Berlin, who followed the operation together with Giovanni Badiali, surgeon at the University Hospital of Bologna, and of course the entire research team of the Information Engineering Department and the EndoCAS Centre of Excellence.

Ulrich Thomale

Giovanni Badiali

At the end of the operation all the members of the project agreed to express general satisfaction. The new helmet allows an efficiency and operational quality that undoubtedly marks a very valuable step forward in surgical strategies. In order to have an overall picture of the activity carried out, an online seminar will be held on 20 November 2020.

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