With the Vostars a new
augmented reality enters
operating rooms.


With the VOSTARS project (Video and Optical See Through Augmented Reality Surgical Systems) augmented reality enters operating rooms, a place in which it has already appeared for some time. VOSTARS, however, wants to achieve important new functions.

The research project is coordinated by the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Pisa, and involves 12 European partners.

to develop a new surgical navigator that uses an innovative visor able to provide the surgeon with the vision of the operating theater, the specific information relating to the patient and the more general information regarding the organs involved in the operation. This summary of data will be available permanently in the surgeon’s visual field, while today some information is present in the operating room and therefore requires a double level of attention.

The new setting designed by VOSTARS therefore reduces the fatigue that the surgeon has to face, especially in long operations.

The European team of VOSTARS, coordinated by Professor Vincenzo Ferrari, sets itself the ambitious goal of testing the new device in the operating room, within three surgical disciplines:

  • Neurosurgery
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Otolaryngology

VOSTARS can have a further technological impact: the development of significant advances in the direction of new viewers for augmented reality in the field of optical and video see-through applications, therefore, even very different from surgery.

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