The idea of integrating the surgeon’s view with the aid of new augmented reality (AR) visualization modalities has become a dominant topic of academic and industrial research in the medical domain since the 90’s. Wearable systems based on head-mounted displays (HMDs), offer the most ergonomic and easily translatable solution for many surgeries.

Most of the AR HMDs fall into two categories according to the see-through paradigm they implement: video see-through (VST) and optical see-through (OST) HMDs. With respect to technological and human-factor issues, both the approaches have their own strengths and shortcomings.

Starting from the grat experience of the Project Coordinator in the Augmented Reality field the VOSTARS project identifies  in a hybrid OST/VST HMD, a disruptive solution for improving surgical outcomes.

AR navigation platform based on a VST visor – OPERA project 


The resulting device will undergo three clinical trials whose results will be fundamental towards a straight industrial exploitation comprising economic viability analysis.


Vostars concept by Photonics21